21 for 21 CHALLENGE


WE (You) DID IT!

Through the pooled generosity of
The Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Charitable Trust
The Shamrock Race Committee
Audrey and Andy Foley and
The Cove Board of Directors and Advisory Board
a challenge was made in honor of
The Cove’s 21st Anniversary. 

The donors challenged the community to raise $21,000
to support The Cove Center for Grieving Children.  
when The Cove raised $21,000, their pledged
funds matched donations up to that amount, dollar for dollar.

All donations qualifying for the match were received by June 30, 2016.

There is still an opportunity to donate to this campaign, however your donation will not be matched. 

This is an annual opportunity to double the impact of donations
and help The Cove to deliver services to
grieving children and families in Connecticut.




Stephen Albanese
William and Ethel Allard for Camp Erin
Scott and Christy Allison for Camp Erin
Cathy Andersen in Memory of Owen Lovejoy
Mary Andersen in Memory of Chuck Andersen
Laurie Annunziato
Anonymous through The Great Give
Tina Arbo
Associated Security Corporation in Memory of Chuck Andersen
Mr. and Mrs. James Bairstow
Peter and Nancy Becker
Christine Bierne though The Great Give
Jill Bivona
Frank Brundage
Scott Burbank
Nikki Burinskas
Terry Caiazzi in Memory of Mary and Vincent Rubino
Francine Carland
The Card Family
Henry Cence
City Mission Society of Meriden, Inc.
Anna Cobb
Elaine Colangelo
Community Foundation for Greater New Haven - The Great Give
Sherie Cocchiola for The West Hartford Cove
Gordon and Marjorie Cohen
Connecticut Police Academy 352nd P.O.S.T. Recruits In Honor of Instructor Joann Peterson
Dean and Valerie Cordiano
Louis and Betty Lou Cortigiano
Robert Crumb and Family
Shan Cyr in Memory of Maureen Cyr Caruso
D.A.S. Distribution, Inc. in Memory of Melissa C. Galka
Marjorie Davis
Ivelina Dean
Deep River Chester Lions Club
Deupree Family Foundation
Joan Derrico
Edwin Diaz
Katherine Doyle
Duo Dickinson, Architect
Joan Alfiero and David Eilbott
Maureen Egan
Jim and Mary Ann Emswiler
Jennifer-Farmer Etzel and Simon Etzel
Evelyn Ferguson
Cathy Fisher
Timothy and Susan Flood
Andy and Audrey Foley
John and Donna Fornal for Camp Erin
John and Mary Kay Fragola for Camp Erin
Alexandra Aponte Garcia
Dale and Adrienne Gervais
Roberto Gomez
Susane Grasso
Joe and Cindy Goldberg Family Foundation in Honor of Renée and Bruce McIntyre
Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial  Charitable Trust
Eric and Dianne Halvorson in Honor of Valerie Cordiano
Edward and Maria Hargus
Dr. Paul Heeren
Judith Hock through the Great Give
David Kane
Kevin and Kristy Kearney
James and Janis Kelley
JoAnn LaDuke
Robert Laraia
William and Eileen Leahy for Camp Erin
Loren Lichtenstein
Georgene Limato
Baxter and Barbara Maffett
Basil and Christine Mahoney
Nancy Mallory
Bruce and Renée McIntyre Charitable Trust
John and Jeanne Mele
Joan Heller-Miller and Ken Miller
Dorothy Miness
Richard Minton
Ellen Murphy in Memory Brian Fitzpatrick
Catherine Neagle
Donna Nickdow for Camp Erin
Laurent G. O'Shea, Jr.
The Owl Shop
Yvette Pepin
Steven Peterec
Thomas and Tracey Pike
Preferred Foam Products, Inc.
Beatrice Pressley
Joyce Ann Ptak
Dennis and Nancy Putnam
Linda Raskin
Marc and Kendra Riccio for Camp Erin
Matthew and Brandy Curtis Richards for Camp Erin
Hollis Ridgway
Jeffrey Roberts
Jane-Remey Rodas
Kenneth and Maryanna Russo
Kathleen Sauer
Diane Samuels
Wendy Savin
Amy Schiess
Lois Schultz
Paul Serenbetz
Shamrock Road Race Committee
Kathleen Savesky
Kathleen Sharpe
David Silver
Gerard and Shawn Smith, In Memory of Kyle E. Smith
Solinsky EyeCare "Wear Jeans to Work Day"
Dennis and Kim Starr in Memory of Leah Sylvain for Camp Erin
Lee and Diane Stewart
Marsha Swan
Katelyn Szymczak
John and Maryellen Turgeon
Douglas and Karen Van Dyke
Sandy Vasmatics for Camp Erin
Harry Vega
Joseph Vitale
Yu-Hsiung Wang
Mary White
Williams Architects, Inc.
Frank and Theresa Yocca**

**Indicates multiple donations