24 for 24 CHALLENGE

Through the pooled generosity of the Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Charitable Trust The Deupree Family Foundation, The Shamrock Race Committee, A pool of donors and The Cove Board of Directors and Advisory Board a challenge has been made in honor of The Cove’s 24th Anniversary.
The donors challenge the community to raise $24,000 to support The Cove  Center for Grieving  children.  If The Cove raises $24,000, their pledged funds will match donations up to that amount, dollar for dollar.
All donations must be received by June 30, 2019.
This is an annual opportunity to double the impact of your donation and help The Cove to deliver services to grieving children and families in Connecticut.
Please help us to leverage your generous support and raise much needed funding for The Cove.  Thank you!                                                

For information on the challenge and donations
Please contact
Allison Gamber, Executive Director
203.634.0500 or by email at allison@covect.org





 We Did It Together!  Thank you to the many donors who helped us reach our campaign goal!  Thanks to our generous donors and recent pledges we have made our minimum goal to release matching funds, and met  and exceeded our $56,000 campaign goal with $56,797 to date.  Thank you!








Judith Abbatiello - Camp Erin CT
Jeffrey and Eugenia Aeschlimann
JoAnn Ahern
Maureen Ahern -Camp Erin CT
Teena Arbo - Camp Erin CT
Allergy Associates, PC
Sheri Amato
Mary Andersen - In Honor of Maria Della Porta, Angelina and Isabella
Mary Andersen - Brackets for Good
Lauren Annino
Anonymous - Brackets for Good
Anonymous - GOFUNDME
Mr. and Mrs. Bairstow
Peter and Nancy Becker
Scott Beeman and Nikki Mitorabi - GOFUNDME
Elizabeth Berry
Maurguerite Brainerd
Tad Brundage
Rodger and Susannah Bryan in Honor of Kayla Bryan
Nikki Burinskas - Brackets for Good
CIGNA - Employee Matching Grant for Elizabeth Berry
Shannon Etzel Clifford - Camp Erin CT - In Memory of Beth Etzel
Bruce and Susan Clinton
Elaine Colangelo
Jean Cook
Valerie and Dean Cordiano - Brackets for Good
Jim and Kathy Coyne in Memory of Maureen Caruso
James and Deborah Crocker
Ramzi Dagher
Richard and Irene D'Angelo
Sharon Daugard - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
David and Pamela DeMaio
Deep River - Chester Lions Club
Denzler-Taconic Foundation Trust
Matt Derienzo
Deupree Family Foundation - Tom Deupree
Maureen Egan
Anne Eisner
Mary Ann and Jim Emswiler
Emma Garcia
Joe and Cindy Goldberg Family Foundation - In Honor of Bruce and Renée McIntyre
Ellen Jeanne Goldfarb Memorial Fund - West Hartford Cove
Cathy Fisher - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Curtis Fisher
Johanna Fitzgerald - Camp Erin CT
Carol Flament - The Great Give
Amanda Flanagan
Mary Jane Franks - Camp Erin CT
Bruce Freeman - Brackets for Good
Joe Furey - Camp Erin CT
Evelyn Ferguson
Diane Gaber - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
David and Jennifer Gallaway
Jason Gallaway - Brackets for Good
Barbara Giangreco - Brackets for Good
Susane Grasso
Martin and Irma Grebel
Michael Guidiera and Eva Sullivan
Haddam Killingworth Middle School
Eric and Dianne Halvorson in Honor of Valerie and Dean Cordiano
Hampton Elementary School
Edward and Maria Hargus
Heeren Family Chiropractic Center
Lillian Herrod - GOFUNDME
Stephanie Hoffman - The Great Give
Michael Hotaling - Brackets for Good
Cary Hull
Ruvim Izikson and Lindsay Hollister
Susan M Jones
Richard Jordan Camp Erin CT
Harry Kaloides - The Great Give
Harry Kaloides
Kevin and Kristi Kearney -Brackets for Good
Kevin and Kristi Kearney - Camp Erin CT
Mike and Eileen Kolakowski - Camp Erin CT
Joann LaDuke
Steven and Melissa Lamoreaux in Honor of Kayla Bryan
Karen LaPlante
Karen Leimer Brackets for Good - Camp Erin CT
Thomas and Gazella LeJeune
Joanne and Kenneth Levy
George Limato
Nancy W. Mallory Rev Trust
Cathleen McInerney
Bruce and Renee McIntyre - Camp Erin CT -  In Honor of Donna Nickdow
Bruce and Renee McIntyre - Brackets for Good
The Bruce and Renee McIntyre Charitable Trust in Honor of: Kevin and Kristi Kearney, Joan and Ken Miller,
Jim and Mary Ann Emswiler and Jeff and Holly Ridgway
John and Jeanne Mele
Laura Millard c/o Precise Bookkeeping and Tax Service
Joan and Ken Miller
Joshua and Melissa Miller - Brackets for Good
Richard Minton
John Miskel - GOFUNDME
Greg and Ellen Murphy In Memory of Brian Fitzpatrick
Richard and Catherine Neagle
Michael and Bridget Newton
Donna Nickdow - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Gregory Nickdow - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Katherine Nickdow - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Michael Nickdow - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
William and Maureen O'Brien
Stephan Olean
Larry and Betty O'Shea
James Paolino
Aileen Perricone
Steven Peterec
Jonathan Plourde
John Porto
Dr. Beatrice Pressley
Stephan Olean
Emilia Procops- Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Kathleen Quinn - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Sheila Regan - The Great Give
Jeff and Holly Ridgeway in Honor of Bruce and Renee McIntyre
David and Ilisa Ring
Lisa Roche - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Tim Routh - GOFUNDME
Gerard and Emelinda Sanacora
Patrick Saucier
The Kathleen M Sauer Trust
David and Wendy Savin
Amy Schiess
Walter and Lois Schultz
Silvio Sciarra
Paul Serenbetz
The Shamrock Run
Kathleen Sharpe
Gerald and Doris Simonides in Honor of Kayla Bryan
Emily Smith - The Great Give
Bob and Eileen Spies
Carolyn Spotts and Tim Suydam - Camp Erin CT
Anne Stamatakis
Lee and Diane Steward
Erich Strunk
Marsha Swan - The Great Give
Theresa Terreri
Kevin Thomas - Brackets for Good
John and Lorraine Thompson in Honor of Kayla Bryan
Peter Tingus - Brackets for Good
John and Maryellen Turgeon
Jeffrey Vondwingelo Jr
Kathleen Vuto - Camp Erin CT - Brackets for Good
Yusiung Wang
Teresa and Frank Yocca - Brackets for Good
Teresa and Frank Yocca - The Great Give
Waterford Group Charitable Foundation
York Family Trust