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About Us

 The Cove Center for Grieving Children's mission is to "provide hope and healing for grieving children and teens."


For over seventeen years, The Cove has provided programs that have helped children and their families deal with the grieving process. These support initiatives were designed to create a positive change with real results. Our results include: helping children understand the grieving process, how to communicate openly, how to ask for help, how to avoid the negative effects of unresolved childhood grief and, most importantly, to help them understand they are in supported and served in a safe and healing environment.

We help children understand that within each of them is the capacity to heal. We promote continuous safeguards against poor school performance, depression, drug and sexual addictions, delinquency, increased school drop out rates, nonproductive behavior, suicide and other detrimental outcomes of unresolved grief. We help children identify and eliminate obstacles that might hinder them in their healing process. We also help parents and caretakers in understanding grief and how to appropriately support their children's grieving and healing processes.

We are the largest children's grieving center in Connecticut with a Coordinating Office in Meriden and family Cove Site locations in Guilford, New Haven, Meriden, Stonington, West Hartford., Easton - serving Newtown/Fairfield County and a new site in East Hartford.

Consequently, if we are to improve the well being of children and adults who are grieving in our communities, it is imperative that we identify and support those who have experienced the loss of a family member. In addition, we are compelled to offer them guidance, programs and resources while assisting them in safely healing and living a full life.

Our plan is to continue to support children and families in their grief process and to help prevent thousands of children, teens and adults from experiencing the resulting devastating side effects of unresolved childhood grief. The primary goal of the family program at the Cove is to support children and families in their grief and healing. Simultaneously, we are consciously working to prevent depression, withdrawal, isolation, inappropriate acting out behavior, lack of interest in school work, promiscuous behavior and other related devastating results of unaddressed and unsupported grief and loss.

The Cove Center for Grieving Children provides or arranges for the provision of the necessary resources, supports and community connections in order to relieve or lessen the burden of a grieving family. The Cove plans to enhance the capacity of services offered to children, teens, young adults and their families grieving the loss of a family member. This expansion and growth will strengthen our current programs and continue our statewide initiative.