NOVEMBER 19, 2015

Children's Grief Awareness Day began in 2007 as an idea from a school in northwestern Pennsylvania. Since that time, it has grown to become an international annual day of observance. Many individuals and families observe the day in memory of a loved one who has died. Others recognize the day in support of friend or family member who has had a loved one die.

We encourage you to wear blue on November 19th as a way to show your support for grieving children.  Click here to go to The Children's Grief Awareness Day website, and learn more about activities you can participate in.



1. Wear blue on November 19th, and let people know why you're wearing blue.  

2. Visit The Children's Grief Awareness Day Facebook Page, enter into the conversation on the page and "like" the page while you're there.

3.  Print out a picture of HOPE the Butterfly HERE and take a selfie with Hope to share on social media.

4.  Print out the Children's Grief Awareness Day Poster and encourage everyone you know to wear blue on November 19th.

5.  Send your pictures of you and Hope the Butterfly, and we will post them on this page!