"Good Grief" School Program

An eight week, peer support group model, The Cove's "Good Grief" School Program was launched in 2005 at The Thomaston Center School in Thomaston, Connecticut, out of the need to reach grieving teens and children where they spend the majority of their time—in their schools.  Research has demonstrated that children's school bereavement groups offer a safe, natural environment for children to support one another as they express their losses and move through the healing process.  


The “Good Grief” Program has empowered hundreds of grieving children on all grade levels to address unresolved grief and trauma by giving them the tools needed to promote hope and healing. School and healthcare professionals, trained in The Cove's proven methods, help prevent negative consequences of unresolved grief and loss, ranging from difficulty with classroom concentration and schoolwork, behavioral problems, social isolation and withdrawal, to depression, rage, drugs, alcohol, or even suicide.

Students explain that one of the greatest benefits of the program is that they no longer feel misunderstood or alone. They become encouraged and inspired by sharing similar experiences.


See our brochure for more information.  If you are a school administrator and would like The Cove to come to your school, contact our Coordinating Office at 203-634-0500 or at info@covect.org.