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Here are a list of website links that may be helpful to families dealing with grief. The list includes a Trauma Section and Anticipatory Grief Section, below general resources:

Find a Center - The National Alliance for Grieving Children offers a search engine for grieving centers and programs across the United States.



Bereavement Super List - Over 975 links provided by PreciousHeart.net.



Grief Super List - More than 975 links provided by PreciousHeart.net.  



The Eluna Network– Helping Children and Families Thrive.  The Eluna Network has launched a comprehensive online library of carefully curated resources that provide the tools to navigate some of life’s most challenging experiences.  With the expertise of hundreds of supportive partners, they are able to provide a personalized set of articles, videos, activities and referrals that explore grief, addiction, bullying, suicide, mindfulness, mental health, and much more.


Afterhours Inspirational Stories: Death and Dying - Inspirational story and poem collection about death, dying, and grievance.  

Against Grieving In Silence - A TED Talk by Rachel Stephenson.



Autism - Bereavement resources for children on the autism spectrum from autism speaks.corg


Bereavement - A Magazine of Hope and Healing - Offers searchable magazine archives, free online support groups, free electronic sympathy cards, free electronic memorials, and a secure catalog.



Bereavement Poems and Articles - Poems and Articles connected with grief, loss and bereavement. Includes links and an online memorial tribute.



Catch a Falling Life - Offers articles, books and professional services for those coping with grief and loss.



Center for Loss and Renewal - Dedicated to understanding the process of grief, and its impact on laypeople and professionals. It includes a monthly column, "On the path from loss to renewal."



The Coalition to Support Grieving Children - Resources for Schools and educators to share with grieving students and families.



The Compassionate Friends - Grief support after the death of a child.  The Compassionate Friends can help you find support, understanding and healing. 


Crisis, Grief, and Healing - A place for people to find help in healing from loss. The honor page (the first internet memorial site) has over 500 memorials, and continues to put up memorials free of charge.



Crisis or Challange? - A Guide to Bereavement Stress and Modern Day Terror - An on-line guide for teachers, parents and those who have been victims of terror attacks, traumatic crisis, and long-term stress. A special section on the traditional Jewish attitude to mourning is included.



CRUSE Bereavement Care - National charity set up to offer free, confidential help to bereaved people. Cruse produces booklets on coping with grief which you can buy on-line.



Death and Dying from About.com - Links for the grieving widow, widower, child, teen and adult. Dedicated to the bereaved, the dying and those who care for them. Includes all issues about dying, pet loss, and memorials.


Estrangements - Provides information about loss due to estrangement. Includes a journal, lists of books, movies, articles, other references, poetry, and people who have experienced estrangement.



Friends Along the Road, Inc. - Relief for those in deep grief, so that they may have time away from pressing obligations in order to rest, seek consolation or healing, and possibly reevaluate their lives. Bulletin board and fund raising activities.



Good Grief - The Shiva Foundation - About grief, how to deal with it, and how to turn it into a positive, creative experience. >



Grief and Loss - Offering articles, discussions, resources and tools for coping with grief and the loss of a loved one.



Grief and Renewal - International site to support people in their journeys of recovery and rebuilding following a loss. Resources, links, bulletin board, and people's stories of renewal.



Grief Healing BlogUseful information on care giving, grief and transition - for anyone coping with loss



Grief Healing - Bereavement support including articles, poetry, links and a section on pet loss.



Grief Inc. - Official home of Darcie, Tony and Alicia Sims, who are internationally recognized public speakers on the topics of grief and grief support.



The Grief Recovery Institute - Offering information, handbooks, resources, and news to help individuals deal with grief.



Grief and Substance Abuse - Offering information from The Recovery Village on complex behaviors.



Grief Workshops - A system for funeral homes, health care facilities, mental health workers and social workers to support those suffering from grief and loss.



GriefLink - Information resource on death related grief for the community and professionals. Includes coping with grief, helpin the bereaved, resources, education, and specific topics.



GriefLossRecovery.com - Articles, memorials, poetry,and provides a safe haven for bereaved persons to share their grief through discussion forums.



Grief's Journey - A collection of resources for dealing with bereavement and loss, including original essays, a discussion bulletin board and chat area. Primarily focused on widows and widowers.



Griefsong: Healing the Loss - A place where to find creative and nurturing ways to honor grief following the death of a loved one. Includes songs of hope and inspiration, songs for memorials and funeral services, songs for rituals and spiritual renewal as well as meditation resources.



Grieving the Loss of a Parent - Alexandra Kennedy.com, seven tasks and ten steps of recovery, supporting a friend, books, tapes, workshops, and articles.



Healing Hearts for Bereaved Parents - A site devoted to providing information and support to parents who are suffering with grief as the result of the death of their child or children.




Healgrief.org - A site that provides the tools to create a virtual memorial for grieving individuals. Light a candle in honor of a loved one and download an application that enables you to capture precious memories. 



Healing Through Grieving - Offers a sixteen-month program including workbooks and journal.



Hope for Bereaved - Independent, not-for-profit community organization dedicated to providing hope, support and services for the bereaved. Counseling, support services, and books for the grieving.



Journey of Hearts - A healing place in cyberspace created by a physician who combines medicine, psychiatry, poetry, prose and images to provide resources and support.

Learn Psychology - "Navigating Grief: A Guidebook for Grief Awareness & Understanding" shares topics,  information, resources and identifiers related to grief and anticipatory grief in children, teens and adults.



The Koby Mandell Foundation - A foundation to help others cope with the loss of a loved one, this site offers therapeutic programs and events for bereaved families and young people, stories, a newsletter and more.


Managing Grief While in College - Resources and strategies for college age students.


MedlinePlus: Bereavement - Directory of press releases, articles, and factsheets.



Memories are Forever - Find ideas on preserving memories and paying tribute to a loved one who has died, and share those memories with others.



National Alliance for Grieving Children - Promotes awareness of the needs of children and teens grieving a death and provides education and resources for anyone who wants to support them.



Open Heart Seminars - John E. Welshons' workshops, books, and tapes to help heal the grief of the loss of a loved one.



Parents Trauma Resource Center



Phoenix Rising - Information and support for widows, widowers, and those who grieve over the death of a loved one. Features forum, advice, and personal stories.



The Rainbow - Hope, inspiration,and encouragement in the form of essays, photos and poems for anyone going through grief recovery.



The Sibling Connection - Offers support and resources for adults who lost a sibling during childhood or adolescence, including books, articles, general information, and bibliographies.



Something To Share - Compelling and inspirational articles, verses, and quotations dealing with loss, spirituality, and perspective.




Soras Corporation - Providing sympathy, death and dying relief, bereavement gifts, and inspirational messages.



Students Dealing with Grief and Loss at School - from Accredited Schools Online - College age resources at school, but also valuable information on grief applicable to younger students as well.


Touching Souls; Healing with Bereavement Photography - Todd Hochberg - photographer, national lecturer and published author’s work acknowledges and supports bereaved parents experiencing their baby’s death while educating medical/grief professionals and the public about perinatal loss.







Helping your children manage distress in the aftermath of a shooting - American Psychological Association.




Talking to your Children About Violence - Tips for Teachers and Parents - National Association of School Psychologists




The 12 Core Concepts: Concepts for Understanding Traumatic Stress Responses in Children and Families The National Child Traumatic Stress Network




Talking to your children about traumatic events in the news - education.com




The National Association for Grieving Children is providing multiple links and articles on a new page responding to this national tragedy.




Parents Trauma Resource Center  The Parents Trauma Resource Center is an excellent tool for parents and caregivers to easily find detailed information about grief and trauma. - From TLC Institute.




Children's Response to Trauma and Coping with Children's Response to Trauma - Article by Mayflower Crisis Team, Colorado


 The Recovery Center of Columbus - Provides information, resources and links to support teens dealing with mental health issues.   




From the National Child Traumatic Stress Network



Parent Tips for Helping Preschool-Aged Children After Disasters





After the Shooting: Helping Young Children Heal



From Child Care Aware




Crisis and Disaster Resources




From the National Association for the Education of Young Children




Coping with a School Shooting




From the Early Childhood Consultation Partnership




Tips for Tots




From The Institute for Trauma and Stress at The NYU Child Study Center




Caring for Kids After Trauma and Death: A GUIDE FOR PARENTS AND PROFESSIONALS




Information on Sleep Issues due to trauma and anxiety. Tuck Sleep Foundation provides information to help understand and improve sleep patterns. that can negatively impact physical and mental health.  








Helping a Child with Anticipatory Grief - www.education.com




Parental Illness - Helping Children Cope




When a Loved One is Terminally Ill - Helpguide.org



Talking to Your Child About Your Terminal Illness - ACLS online


Talking to Children About Terminal Illness - New York Times



Anticipatory Grief: Information for Patients and Families



Tips for Parents & Care-Providers: Anticipatory Grief and Children   Peter's Place - A Center for Grieving Children and Families



Supporting Children Through Illness and Grief - Helping Families in the Hospice Setting - Elise Gaul, MS, LPC, CT, Director, Camp Erin Philadelphia



What is Anticipatory Grief? Northeast Florida Community Hospice




Coping With Anticipatory Grief - 10 Tips for Coping as Your Loved One is Dying About.com