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Camp Erin Connecticut Registration is open for June 5-7, 2015.  The Cove and The Moyer Foundation have partnered to host a free summer camp for children from across CT who are grieving
the death of a loved one or significant person in their life.

We are also seeking Volunteer Big Buddies and Clinicians, as well as donations to support our ability to provide camp this year. 



December 14th marked the second Anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Our hearts go out to the families and community at large during this difficult season. In honor of the children, the community has requested that people perform acts of kindness in their memory. 

Resources for grieving children can be found on our resources page, through the National Alliance for Grieving Children as well as by contacting The Cove for information on peer support programming at our Easton Site serving Newtown/Fairfield County and Camp Erin CT. 





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Here are some testimonials from adults and children who The Cove has helped through the years.

 "...The Cove truly helped us to understand the importance of communicating, but more importantly, it provided us with the ways to do it." Andrew's Story

 "...The first thing you should know about The Cove is it's a safe place to talk about your feelings.  The activities really worked, but it was the whole idea that you had other people around you.  They were sort of like a family.  I got my feelings out and I talked..." Katie's Story (A former Cove Child)

"...The Director and facilitators are compassionate and helpful.  They are so committed to our children and committed to helping us as a family."  A Current Cove Mom

 "...Consistent, positive support." A Current Cove Dad

 " ...When I first started going, I felt like my heart was broken; I felt so alone and afraid. They have helped me mend my broken heart." Nicole's Story (A Cove Teen) 

"...The grieving process is a long and arduous journey through your mind and emotions, The Cove serves as a facility to support you during these times." Julius' Story

 "...Unless you are a parent/guardian of a child going through this you couldn't imagine how important and what a miracle it is to have such a program."  A Current Cove Mom

 "...It shows in his school work, his grades.  His attitude."  The Dad in Will's Story

 "...A friend mentioned the Cove. He said I could relax there. He said there would be other kids feeling the same kinds of feelings, that The Cove was a place I could feel safe.  I could let my guard down.  I could think of myself." Molly's Story

 "...Today I'm providing hope and healing to others in need, because The Cove was there to help our one surviving child" Harry's Story

 Click here to view an interview by Audrey Kuchen of FOX CT News about how The Cove family program helps grieving children and families, with Roni, her dad Rob and Caitlin.