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Grief During the Holidays

Grief and the Holidays with Renee McIntyre, Donna Nickdow and Brooke Viens

Some helpful links

Grief Activity During Holidays—This is done at our Cove Family Program!

Cocoa & Conversation:
A Grief Activity for the Holiday Season

This activity is a great way to open up discussion about grief during the holidays. Take time before answering these questions to consider what the holidays might be like without a loved one.

  • What are you looking forward to or most excited for?

  • What are you dreading or fearful of during the holidays?

  • What are some of your favorite memories around the holidays with the person who died?

  • What was your loved one’s favorite part of the holidays? How might you honor that?

  • What are traditions that you would like to keep? What traditions might you want to let go of?


Now, sit with people you feel comfortable with and share your responses to the prompts around the mug, perhaps centering yourself by enjoying a cup of warm cocoa or tea.

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